Five of the houses at Sunset Valley are original Malay houses that were found on Langkawi Island. The Kampong House (under construction) is about 70 years old, the Field House is about 80, the Forest House is about 90, the Farmer’s House 120 and the magnificent Paddy House is about 180 years old. All of these wonderful old traditional houses were purchased from their owners, removed from their original sites and re-built here at Sunset Valley by a team of skilled craftsmen. These traditional Malay houses are built in such a way that natural ventilation keeps them remarkably cool during the day and at night.

The Gate House and the Land House were designed by Andre van der Hoff and built by two different teams of professional builders incorporating typical Malay construction techniques, featuring the beautiful hardwood timbers found in Malaysia and high-lighting magnificent craftsmanship.

There is usually no need for air-conditioning in the houses as the ceiling fans combined with the clever natural ventilation creates a comfortable environment. Of course if you still prefer to use the air-conditioner, which is an optional extra, please let us know and we will provide you with the remote control unit.