Enjoy a great experience in a relaxed Malay setting

Swimming pool with pavilion and rice paddy view

Sunset Valley Holiday Houses is a collection of beautiful traditional Malay houses, most of which were found on Langkawi Island, purchased from their owners, dismantled and then re-constructed on-site with modern kitchens and bathrooms. Sunset Valley is located in the centre of the island at the foot of the tallest mountain in Langkawi, Gunung Raya. The property overlooks gorgeous rice-paddies with the island’s oldest geological formation, Gunung Matchincang, the first part of South-East Asia to rise from the seabed in the Cambrian period more than half a billion years ago, in the distance. Spectacular sun-sets are guaranteed with this marvelous backdrop. If you are looking for peace and tranquility and yearn to commune with nature in a lovely green landscaped environment, Sunset Valley Holiday Houses is the perfect place for your next vacation.

Gate House

A modern workers cottage built to house the contractors during the building and development phase of Sunset Valley. Although primarily of brick and concrete construction, it has been clad with beautiful timber to fit…
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Field House

A spectacular, meticulously reconstructed authentic kampung house that is about eighty years old and has a huge L-shaped veranda commanding an unobstructed view over the paddy fields and mountains in the distance…
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Paddy House

A fabulous, very old, authentic kampung house that is well over one hundred and eighty years old. You can see that the main posts and beams have been hand-adzed with beautiful carpentry and joinery using very beautiful…
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Farmers House

This authentic beautifully reconstructed traditional Malay kampung house, which is over one hundred and twenty years old, provides spacious open plan accommodation for 2 people, and can easily accommodate a…
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Forest House

A delightful two-bedroom modern kampung house designed by local architect, Andre van der Hoff and proudly built in the traditional Malay architectural style by his dedicated team of artisans. This stunning and picturesque…
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Garden House

We are very excited about this truly beautiful, authentic, latest addition to Sunset Valley. This very cute “kampong” house, built about sixty five to seventy years ago, was found late in 2012 in a small kampong near the Langkawi…
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