An environmentally friendly property

Our goal is to make Sunset Valley as environmentally friendly as possible. We use organic septic tanks on our property and recycle what we can. We provide a large recycling bin for aluminium cans which our staff trade for some pocket money so please use this “Recycling Centre”, located under the Land House, to make sure that your aluminium cans do not end up in land-fill. The water in our beautiful swimming pool is “ionized”, so we need only use minimal chlorine to maintain sparkling hygienically clean water.

Our beautiful gardens and surroundings are designed to allow an ecological balance with the result that there are remarkably few mosquitoes, as our resident geckos and tokays keep them in check. The native trees and flowers attract many birds, squirrels and occasional amazing Asian lemurs that glide from tree to tree. Bird watchers and nature lovers can find much to observe with frogs, monitor lizards, skinks, horn-bills, orioles, azure kingfishers, drongos, white-breasted sea-eagles, brahminy kites, cattle-egrets and many other species frequently spotted here in Sunset Valley.

Sunset Valley is not a hotel with full service facilities. Instead we offer delightful self-catering holiday houses where you can “do your own thing” without interruption. If your stay is for five days or more we will change your towels every 3-4 days and your bed-sheets once a week. We will also thoroughly clean the houses at the end of every rental, and weekly if you stay for one week or longer. In the meantime you will find cleaning detergents and brushes in or under your houses should you need to use them. If you would like us to clean your house(s) more often, we will do so for a small extra fee.